Pergolas Gloucester

Pergolas Gloucester, We cover the whole of Gloucestershire, we are thrilled to present our exquisite collection of aluminium powder-coated pergolas, tailored specifically for embellishing outdoor areas across Gloucester and the wider Gloucestershire region.

Our pergolas stand as an ideal addition to any outdoor space, offering both shade and protection against the elements. Crafted from premium aluminium and finished with a durable powder coating, our pergolas are built to endure the challenging weather conditions unique to Gloucestershire.

Whether you’re seeking a modern and sleek design or prefer a more traditional, rustic appearance, our extensive range of pergola styles is sure to accommodate your preferences and budget. Our experienced team is dedicated to collaborating with you to design a pergola that not only meets your specific requirements but also enhances the beauty of your outdoor living area.

For those desiring a truly bespoke solution, we also provide custom-made pergolas, allowing for a piece that is as unique as your space. Utilising the expertise of our skilled artisans, we can craft a distinctive pergola that flawlessly integrates with your home and garden’s aesthetic.

At our company, customer satisfaction and top-notch workmanship are our paramount concerns. We meticulously ensure that each pergola we fit is of supreme quality, and we back our installations with a comprehensive warranty for your peace of mind.

If you’re in the market for a stunning and resilient pergola to upgrade your outdoor space in Gloucester or throughout Gloucestershire, look no further. We’re dedicated to serving this region, eager to assist in transforming your vision into a perfect pergola for your home.

Features of our Pergolas

Prices from £3300

The sleek and innovative design of our Pergola gives you the best of both worlds providing a quick and simple control of the weather all year round, the louvered roof shutters create a fully weatherproof space come rain or shine by a turn of the handle. Any rain water is seamlessly drained off and down specially engineered channels on the inside of the legs and then out the bottom into the ground it’s anchored to, then draining away with the natural fall of the existing surface.

The robust aluminium powder coated frame construction ensures longevity through its rust-free, weatherproof and UV protected properties, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space for years to come.

  • A premium product built using high quality materials
  • No planning permission required
  • Flexible features that adapt to all weathers
  • 5 year warranty

Usigh the highest quality materials

Our Pergolas are manufactured from high-quality aluminium which has been powder coated in the eye-catching Matte Royal Grey or Matte White colour which is UV protected, meaning that not only will the colour not fade over time, but it also protects you and your family from harmful UV rays.

There is virtually no maintenance required as the weatherproof aspects and the toughened aluminium ensures durability allowing for many years of outdoor use.

The optional side-screens are made from the highest quality Textilene. Unrivalled for strength and beauty, Textilene is made of PVC coated woven polyester non-stretch yarn which is flame retardant, heat sealable, mildew resistant, and stable under either hot or cold temperatures. Textilene is also a superb contract fabric in terms of durability, specially formulated from yarns developed to withstand wear and tear and has been tested up to wind force 4.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Pergolas

Do your Pergolas have a warranty? 

All of our pergolas have a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard. The sun and weather screens have a 2-year warranty.

Is the Pergola Roof Weatherproof? 

When the louvres are fully closed, the roof is completely weatherproof in standard conditions. Rainwater runs from the roof louvres, into the guttering and then drains down internally, through the legs. During extreme weather conditions and severely heavy rain, there may be a slight leakage as excessive water cannot flow through the drainage quick enough and can spill over, just like guttering on a home or an external drain.

Are your Pergolas wind & storm resistant? 

Our models are semi-permanent structures, meaning they a secured to the surface and not below, this makes them very sturdy and durable, yet still with the ability to move, if required. They are wind resistant up to 120km and then beyond this when secured to your surface. Always keep the roof louvres slightly open during extreme weather conditions to allow the wind to pass through the structure.

Can the Pergola be dismantled & reassembled? 

Yes, this is possible.

Does the Pergola Require Maintenance? 

These models require very minimal maintenance. The frame can be washed with cleaning materials and also jet washed. The gutters can also be cleared with a jet wash.

Can your Pergolas be connected to our building? 

The outside legs of the frame are always required and cannot be removed. However, we can place the footplates flush to the wall and add flashing to close the gap between the building and the top of the roof beam. This would then keep the structure watertight to your building. Please get in touch to enquire about this option.

What surface can the Pergola be installed on? 

Our professional fitters can install and secure onto any flat, solid surface as long as the dimensions of the area are correct.